Over on my LinkedIn page, I did a series of posts about administrative searches.  This is a compilation of things I’ve learned doing these searches and being a candidate.  The idea behind posting all of this is that I see lots of people who fare differently in these searches based on whether they have access […]

Over on my LinkedIn page, I’m doing a series of posts about lessons I’ve learned over the years about searches for academic administrators.  The first two posts are here and here.  I’m sharing a lot of information.  Some might wonder why I would share so much ‘insider’ information.  Two reasons.  The first is that I’d […]

Today, the Post-Dispatch ran a short story by Koran Addo about the demographics of our incoming first-year class.  It’s always great to talk to Koran as he knows the people and the issues and is very interested in college access.  Some of his other stories are here and here.  Koran’s story hits the high points, but […]

This week, WashU will give an honorary degree to jazz great Herbie Hancock.  Gerald Early has a terrific book review of Hancock’s autobiography, ‘Possibilities’, over at the Common Reader.  Certainly, we’re all excited about recognizing Hancock’s contributions to music, and I can’t count how many times I’ve played ‘Maiden Voyage’ in my life, but it’s […]

As I said in my last post, I knew a movie about the Wrecking Crew was in the works, as I had learned that from Ken Weiss who used to teach with me at UNC and is part of the whole history of pop music and session musicians himself. The circle is now complete.  We […]

If you love the history of American pop music, it is hard to top the sheer drama, joy, and tear-jerking exuberance of Darlene Love’s final performance of “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” on David Letterman.  For the people who just happened to be watching the show and didn’t know all of the deep history, the […]

Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in the installation of Laurie Maffly-Kipp as the Archer Alexander professor.  Laurie and I have worked together for many years, as we were both at UNC before coming to Wash U. I got to read the story of Archer Alexander, which is truly inspirational.  Here’s the story: Remarks […]


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