Monthly Archives: March 2014

Welcome Back – Great reception for Nancy Staudt

We had a wonderful reception for Nancy Stuadt and Lee Epstein on Friday to welcome them both back to Wash U – Nancy as Cayne Professor and Dean of Law and Lee as Shepley University professor.  The picture above is me, Lee, Interim Dean Dan Keating, Nancy, and Chancellor Wrighton. These events are always joyful […]

Most startups on the planet – CIC is coming to St Louis

As we’ve known for a while, the Cambridge Innovation Center is coming to St. Louis.  The CIC, whose tag line is ‘The Most Startups on the Planet’ is office space for startups on steroids. I had the opportunity to visit with Tim Rowe, the founder of CIC, on Tuesday.  He told me the whole story […]

Why we need a robust culture for faculty startups

Creating a robust culture for faculty startups is a topic that gets a lot of airtime at university trustee meetings, conversations between universities and local government, and the like.  There are a lot of strong opinions about how this should be done.  Buck and I wrote a lot about this in Engines, and I’ll be […]

The way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas

In our book, Engines of Innovation, Buck Goldstein and I had a section called ‘Geography Should not Drive the Train.’  The point of this was that sometimes when universities form startup companies, they go to great lengths to keep them close to their place of origin.  There are obvious reasons for wanting to do this […]

Joe Edwards and the night I met Chuck Berry

Welcome to the new blog.  For those who followed me at, you know that even though there are three things in the title, I write about music more than the other two.  So, it was an easy decision to make the first blog about the night I met Chuck Berry. I guess the first […]