Monthly Archives: August 2014

Lee Epstein at Convocation – You are in exactly the right place

We had a blast at convocation.  Damari Crosswell brought the house down with his impression of Yoda saying, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Emma Tyler ushered in a great year as SU President.  Mike and Tana Powell spoke passionately to the parents. Lee Epstein gave the faculty talk.  It was a perfect […]

This is Our Hometown

We’ve had an emotional few weeks in St. Louis.  The joy and promise of move-in alongside the tragedy and pain of Michael Brown’s death and the events in Ferguson. Really proud to work with the team that has helped shaped Wash U’s response.  Associate Provost Dedric Carter has been doing a lot of heavy lifting, but […]

My letter to first-year students on Covering, our summer reading book

Here’s the letter that went inside the copies of Covering that we sent to first-year students and session leaders: On behalf of the University’s Faculty and the 2014 First Year Reading Program, we welcome you to Washington University!  We’re very excited that you will soon be joining us, and we are busy preparing for your […]

‘Safe Science’ and the lessons beyond chemical hazards

Last week, we released the report of a study that I chaired for the National Resource Council on laboratory safety in chemical research. As the Vice Chair and I discuss in the preface, we took an unusual approach to this problem by combining experienced chemical researchers with experts on safety culture from other industries.  The thing that […]