Making ‘Educational Theater’ work with Elephant’s Graveyard

I had the privilege of being part of the production of Elephant’s Graveyard, directed by the Performing Arts Department’s (PAD) Jeffery Matthews.  Jeffery gave the terrific talk at convocation that so beautifully captured the essence of WashU and the big challenges facing higher education today.

Elephant’s Graveyard is a play with extensive symbolism about identity and American history and politics.  It challenges us to think about ourselves and our fears.  It is also a hard play to present with many light cues and a lot of movement – on top of all of the complex themes.

We got a great review from KHDX.  What I love about the review is not just the nice things they said about our production, but more the capturing of ‘educational theater’ and its importance.  The blend of faculty and staff with students both inside and outside of theater majors is what makes PAD magical.  As Jeffery said in his convocation talk, theater is a special way to understand someone else’s perspective.

It is an honor to work with my PAD colleagues on creating these experiences for our community.


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