I had the privilege of being part of the production of Elephant’s Graveyard, directed by the Performing Arts Department’s (PAD) Jeffery Matthews.  Jeffery gave the terrific talk at convocation that so beautifully captured the essence of WashU and the big challenges facing higher education today. Elephant’s Graveyard is a play with extensive symbolism about identity […]

A lot has already been written about The Force Awakens, but here’s both a personal reflection and a lesson about creative and other endeavors.  The lesson is that The Force Awakens is a perfect movie, but it’s not a great movie.  It’s a perfect movie because it achieves precisely what it was designed to achieve […]

Convocation and move-in day are the best day of the year at WashU.  Yes, commencement is wonderful, but nothing beats the sheer energy and promise of the arrival of the new first-year students. A great thing about being the provost is that it’s my job to introduce the faculty speaker at commencement.  This year, when […]

One of the most common questions I get from other faculty is: “Why is that university administrators are so focused on innovation and entrepreneurship?”  I’m going to attempt to explain that, and here’s a spoiler – it’s not so the university can make money.  Hopefully, that will be enough to entice folks to read this, […]

Over on my LinkedIn page, I did a series of posts about administrative searches.  This is a compilation of things I’ve learned doing these searches and being a candidate.  The idea behind posting all of this is that I see lots of people who fare differently in these searches based on whether they have access […]

Over on my LinkedIn page, I’m doing a series of posts about lessons I’ve learned over the years about searches for academic administrators.  The first two posts are here and here.  I’m sharing a lot of information.  Some might wonder why I would share so much ‘insider’ information.  Two reasons.  The first is that I’d […]

Today, the Post-Dispatch ran a short story by Koran Addo about the demographics of our incoming first-year class.  It’s always great to talk to Koran as he knows the people and the issues and is very interested in college access.  Some of his other stories are here and here.  Koran’s story hits the high points, but […]